Self-unfolding foils in drug delivery

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Jan 22, 2024
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Self-unfolding foils in drug delivery

Self-unfolding foils are thin, flexible films or membranes that can be used in drug delivery systems. These foils are designed to spontaneously unfold or unroll upon exposure to a certain stimulus, such as heat, moisture, light, or a specific pH level. This unfolding process allows for controlled release of drugs in a prescribed manner.

Self-unfolding foils have several advantages in drug delivery. They can be used to deliver drugs to specific target sites in the body, as the unfolding process can be triggered by conditions unique to those sites. For example, in oral drug delivery, self-unfolding foils can unfold in the stomach or intestine where the pH levels are different from other parts of the body, releasing the drug directly at the desired location.

Additionally, self-unfolding foils enable controlled release of drugs over a prolonged period. The rate of drug release can be modulated by the design of the foil, controlling its folding or unfolding characteristics. This allows for sustained drug delivery, reducing the need for frequent administration and ensuring consistent therapeutic effect.

Overall, self-unfolding foils are an innovative approach in drug delivery, providing targeted and controlled release of drugs to enhance efficacy and patient compliance.

Our Rainbow R6 fiber optic UV-Vis spectrometer was recently mentioned in the paper, "Flexible Coatings Facilitate pH-Targeted Drug Release via Self-Unfolding Foils: Applications for Oral Drug Delivery," where it was used to monitor drug release from such foils in vitro.

Pion is proud to play a role in the development of such novel drug delivery systems. Contact us today to learn more.

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