The Pion Sirius T3 Physchem Instrument

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Rebeca Ruiz
Dec 20, 2023
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The Pion Sirius T3 Physchem Instrument

The SiriusT3 physchem platform from Pion is an advanced analytical instrument used for measuring physicochemical properties of a variety of compounds. It is designed to provide accurate and reliable data on the ionization constant (pKa), lipophilicity (logP/D),and also kinetic and intrinsic solubility using Pion’s patented CheqSol method. Thanks to the screening method, the SiriusT3 can determine pKa values for up to 70 samples per day.

The SiriusT3, an automated platform, includes both UV-Vis spectrometric and potentiometry measurement techniques, featuring automatic dispensers for the reagents and the media, four plates of 48 positions for running automated sequences of experiments, temperature control and a turbidimeter – together enabling the measurement of physchem properties under a range of different conditions. UV-Vis pKa measurements monitor the changes in the UV-spectra of a compound, analyzing the absorbance and pH readings to determine the ionization constant (pKa), as well as to detect and warn of precipitation during the experiment. The potentiometric technique calculates pKa, logP/D and solubility using charge-mass balance equations, and is the most powerful and broadly applicable technique, because it can find any pKa, whether or not a sample is UV-active.

CheqSol solubility is Pion’s patented method for the determination of kinetic and intrinsic solubility – even in combination with the addition of excipients, it is a powerful method to help to predict which excipients will be more effective in extending and/or prolonging supersaturation to make drugs more bioavailable. Moreover, the CheqSol method can detect the precipitation of the different forms (amorphous/crystalline) of polymorph compounds and determine their respective intrinsic solubilities.

Overall, the SiriusT3physchem platform is a versatile and powerful tool for the characterization of the physicochemical properties of pharmaceuticals and other compounds, enabling researchers to make informed decisions in the earlier stages of drug discovery.

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