6 reasons why you should upgrade to the Scissor N3 subcutaneous injection site simulator

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Jan 4, 2024
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6 reasons why you should upgrade to the Scissor N3 subcutaneous injection site simulator

High throughput

The ScissorN3demonstrates an impressive high throughput assay capacity, accommodating up to six concurrent assays. This marked enhancement greatly expedites the formulation screening process for scientists when compared to our earlier ScissorN1 system, which could only accommodate a single assay at any given time.

Compatibility with the RainbowR6 for in-situ, real time concentration analysis

With the integration of the ScissorN3 system and our RainbowR6, researchers can now perform real-time drug release calculations seamlessly during Scissor experiments. This advancement eliminates the need for time-consuming offline analytics that were previously essential with the ScissorN1 system. Notably, the Rainbow R6 incorporates an advanced software, AuPRO, capable of effectively discerning and separating up to four distinct active ingredients within the same solution through multi-component analysis.

In-situ photographic imaging

The ScissorN3 system introduces a dedicated camera for each assay chamber, providing users with the flexibility to capture photographs at user-defined time points during assays. This innovative feature enables researchers to closely observe and analyze the physical behavior of their formulations both during and after injection invitro, enhancing their ability to gain valuable insights. 

Improved turbidity sensitivity

Incorporated into the cartridge holder of the ScissorN3 system are integrated LEDs and diodes, a notable enhancement that significantly heightens the sensitivity of transmission data. This modification restricts the monitoring to the cartridge environment exclusively, eliminating external chamber interference. Consequently, the system delivers more reliable and valid turbidity data for enhanced accuracy in experimental observations.

External autosampler to take offline samples from all 3 or 6 chambers automatically.

The ScissorN3 is coupled with an autosampler for those who still want to collect samples for offline analytics. The system can take aliquots from up to 6 individual chambers using just one autosampler. It also has added features ensuring the baseline samples are taken automatically and that fresh media is reintroduced by the autosampler without the need for user intervention.  

Improved software with security and usability.

The software bundled with the ScissorN3 system maintains the familiar functionalities of its predecessor while incorporating refinements aimed at streamlining and expediting the assay start up process. Furthermore, the system introduces differentiated access levels, tailored to individual user roles, thereby enhancing security and control within the software platform.

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