Analytical Services

An orange drop of liquid dissolving.

Pion Analytical Services can support your drug development challenges with first-rate assays, analysis, and interpretation.

Of those candidates that fail, approximately 30% are rejected because of pharmacokinetic-related failures (pharmacokinetics is concerned with the movement of drugs within the body).

This redundancy in effort and money can be significantly reduced if pharmacokinetic parameters are better understood earlier in pharmaceutical development. Our instruments do just this: providing in vivo-level insights in vitro.

Pion provides consultancy services on a wide variety of analytical techniques to support researchers:

  • Physicochemical characterization (pKa, logP, logD)
  • Permeability
  • Absorption and FLUX
  • Solubility
  • Dissolution
  • Surface Activity measurement
  • Subcutaneous injection simulation

With analysis that can be tailored to your specific application, Pion’s Analytical Services provides the vital information missing from your research.

An orange drop of liquid dissolving.
Analytical Services

Physicochemical Properties

Let Pion support you in establishing the primary characteristics of compounds under consideration, with accurate high throughput analysis of pKa, logP and logD to understand your sample capabilities.


Understand your sample in more detail by determining the dissolution rate under biorelevant conditions from a range of different dosage forms. Make better judgements on successful drug candidates by examining the dissolution profiles or utilising Pion’ s dissolution tools such as disc intrinsic dissolution rate, and surface dissolution imaging.


Learn how your sample behaves in a range of different environments by exploring your sample’s solubility under situational changes in the body (pH and composition), determine the solubility of different forms of your drug as well as the impact of different excipients on solubilization.

Analytical Services

Absorption and FLUX

Assess your drugs transmembrane FLUX in vitro to understand it’s absorption potential allowing for comparison of formulations earlier in the development stages.

Subcutaneous Injection simulation

Screen excipients and compare formulations to make early informed decisions about your subcutaneous formulations in vitro without relying on animal models.


Determine your drug permeability through the gastrointestinal tract, blood-brain barrier as well as its penetration through the skin with our high throughput in vitro techniques to screen excipients and formulations.

Controlled Drugs

Please note that Analytical Service has full license to accept and analyze Controlled substances across all schedules.

The Analytical Services brochure gives you detailed information about the techniques used and the different analysis offered.

Pion Analytical Service is also registered supplier on, an online marketplace for scientific services. All Analytical Services offered can be purchased on the platform. Using can streamline the sample submission process as the research services agreement can eliminate the need for individual legal agreements between supplier and customer. Quotations, Purchase Orders and Invoicing are also all handled within the platform making the process as simple as possible.