Scissor N3 is an in vitro model simulating subcutaneous injection of biopharmaceuticals for rank ordering formulations and excipient screening during formulation development.

Understand in vitro how a drug behaves after subcutaneous injection and the impact this has on drug release with our Scissor N3.

Reduce the reliance on inaccurate animal models and select formulation candidates with confidence based on bio-relevant information gained earlier in the development process, saving in both cost and time.

The Scissor N3 mimics the stresses a biopharmaceutical experiences when transitioning from formulation conditions to a subcutaneous environment.

Possible precipitation events can be monitored and correlated to lymphatic and systemic release dynamics quantified in the system.

Scissor allows users to screen excipients and compare different formulations to identify the best candidates for further development.

Compatible with an optional fraction collector




Gain biorelevant data about your subcutaneous sample in vitro

Coupled with the Rainbow R6 in-situ fiber optic UV-vis spectrometer, lymphatic and systemic release data can be measured in-situ giving real-time results and enriching the data collection process.

Sample aliquots can also be collected with an additional external fraction collector to allow for offline analysis with any preferred analytical method facilitating more in-depth research.

Gain biorelevant data about your subcutaneous sample in vitro
Gain biorelevant data about your subcutaneous sample in vitro


The Scissor N3 is an exciting branch of the Pion technology helping users understand formulations

  • Excipient screening during formulation development
  • Formulation comparison
  • Rank ordering formulations for candidate selection
  • Investigation of drug stability upon and after injection

Extracellular matrices
Additional Info

Extracellular matrices

A hyaluronic acid-based viscous liquid dynamically created to mimic the human subcutaneous space for 24-hour long assays for immediate release formulations.

A hydrogel containing hyaluronic acid constructed to simulate the human subcutaneous space for up to a week aimed towards long-acting injectables for sustained release formulations.