Passive Permeability


Parallel artificial membrane permeability assay


96 well plate-based permeability assay with membranes mimicking the GIT, BBB or skin properties

Evaluate the passive permeability of API's as well as the absorption potential of simple or complex formulations.

Classification of API’s can be performed on BBB lipid for blood-brain barrier permeability in the CNS classification system

The Skin PAMPA assay determines the permeability of API's for dermal/transdermal penetration

Permeability classification of API’s can be performed on GIT lipid to support the Biopharmaceutical Classification System (BCS) ranking



PAMPA can be used for pre-formulation excipient screening:

Pion skin PAMPA offers a further ability for final formulation screening; comparing the performance of topical and transdermal formulations to rank order the permeability potential of those formulations.

To better mimic the GI absorption, PAMPA simulates the pH gradient between the gastrointestinal tract and blood plasma, which can affect the transport of ionizable molecules. In order to model transport conditions in the blood, the acceptor contains a scavenger binding molecule that helps to keep the free concentration of the API close to zero, leading to more accurate results.

PAMPA can be used for pre-formulation excipient screening:
PAMPA can be used for pre-formulation excipient screening:

Model Data

Bio-Mimetic Artificial Membrane Permeation Through:

Gastro Intestinal Tract (GIT)

GIT PAMPA vs. Human Jejunal Permeability

The GIT PAMPA (Double-Sink™) model data was initially developed against eight compounds evaluated at the University of Uppsala with human subjects. Since that time, additional data have been added, providing increased confidence in the model.

Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)

BBB PAMPA vs. Rodent Brain Perfusion

Nearly 40 CNS compounds were used for building the BBB PAMPA model.

The developed model can predict rodent brain perfusion uptake rate better than most more expensive cell-based assays in the market.

Stratum Corneum (Skin)

Skin PAMPA vs. Human Skin

The model was evaluated using a broad range of drugs as measured in both the Pion skin-mimetic PAMPA system and samples of dermatomed skin mounted in Franz cell. A good correlation between the methods highlights the potential of Skin PAMPA to be used early in transdermal formulation research.

Make the PAMPA System the Optimal Solution with Pion’s Gut-Box™

The Gut-Box™ was designed by Pion to complement our PAMPA Systems, resulting in the most comprehensive turn-key assays in the market for predicting in vivo permeability. Mount any 96 well plate (loaded with stirrers) on top of the Gut-Box™ and choose your stirring speed.

PAMPA Explorer Software
Calculate the API

PAMPA Explorer Software

Our PAMPA Explorer Software takes off the burden of UV data analysis by using a proprietary UV spectrum shape analysis algorithm and also accurately calculates the API’s permeability on an easy-to-use interface.