Accelerate your content uniformity, analytical, mixing, and Cannabis testing sample preparation applications create homogenous blends more easily, quickly, reliably and safely

Developed through collaborations with world-leading companies

Applications are unlimited and include content uniformity, analytical techniques, biological material, Cannabis, pigments, traditional medicines, food testing, and mixing applications.

A compact benchtop design that incorporates 1, 2, and 10 individually powered, high-output stirring stations which can prepare content uniformity samples up to 90% faster than conventional methods.



Processing platform

Sample preparation and content uniformity

PrepEngine, a flexible, productive life science processing platform newly added to the Pion portfolio for in vitro drug characterization, along with high-performance monitoring equipment for the lab environment.

These capabilities will help customers access richer, more relevant data to accelerate drug development and minimize reliance on in vivo studies.

Two Square Science’s technology directly complements Pion’s existing portfolio for dissolution testing, physicochemical analysis, sample preparation, and other in vitro measurements. PrepEngine is a simple to use, modular solution that allows users to extract materials, mix and lyse samples as required prior to analysis. It offers the ability to easily mix, match and reorder sample preparation processes to establish and automate an optimal, highly efficient solution.

Sample preparation and content uniformity
Sample preparation and content uniformity



Ultra-fast sample preparation
Including assay, impurity, and content uniformity applications. Up to 90% faster than conventional methods.

1, 2, 10 Individually powered stations Individually activated, high-power stirring stations maximize productivity and significantly increase sample prep throughout.

Adjustable speed and time
The speed is adjustable from 500 to 6000 rpm with user-defined time cycles.

Reliable and consistent results
The sample results are fast, reliable and consistent from test to test.

Preptube for single or multi-use
Preptubes are clear polypropylene with SS blade and include a polypropylene septa & cap. Available sizes include 50 ml, 250 ml, and 500 ml. Also available in Amber for light-sensitive dosage forms. To eliminate the possibility of carryover and cross contamination, Pion recommends single-use; however, a single Prep Tube for wet extraction can be used for a maximum of five (5) x 10-minute tests.*All tests are application specific.

Cannabis sample preparation
Dedicated sample preparation station for dry homogenizing, dry grinding & wet extraction of cannabis, hemp, and other plant material.

Low-cost, single-use PrepTubes designed specifically for dry homogenizing & grinding