Laboratory Homogenizers: Which One Should You Choose?

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Deb Shechter
Mar 16, 2017
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Laboratory Homogenizers: Which One Should You Choose?

Homogenization, also known as micronization or particle size reduction, is simply described as the reduction of particles to achieve an end goal. The industry often dictates what the end goal is; in the cosmetic industry, for example, the goal is to create a cream with a consistent texture and appearance. In the pharmaceutical industry, the end goal might be an evenly dispersed active ingredient in a pain capsule. In the food industry, the goal may be a sauce or beverage with a desirable taste, shelf life, and overall quality.  And in the biotech industry, the goal may be the creation of a stable emulsion or dispersion.

The good news is that through the power of homogenization, all of these goals are achievable! A high quality high pressure homogenizer can lyse cells, create emulsions, allow for a longer shelf life of product, enable even distribution of active ingredients, allow for the study of tissues and cells, and much much more.

However, often the hard part is choosing the right homogenizer for the task at hand. Overall, the world of homogenizers – and the resulting selection of equipment – is huge. There are laboratory homogenizers, homogenizers that are suited for pilot plants, and industrial grade homogenizers. Within each of those categories, the selection of homogenizers continues to grow. The field can be overwhelming! Luckily, we are here to help. Continue reading to learn more about the selection of laboratory homogenizers that BEE International has to offer, and how we can help with your next big project.

Nano DeBEE Homogenizer

Our Nano DeBEE Homogenizer is suitable for laboratory experimentation for a number of applications, including cell disruption, work with polymers and liposomes, and the creation of dispersions and emulsions. This is our smaller homogenizer and is suitable for even the smallest of laboratories.

Micro DeBEE Homogenizer

Next in line is our Micro DeBEE Homogenizer. This is an air operated, compact, bench-top unit that is suitable for a broad range of applications.  Like the smaller Nano DeBEE, this homogenizer is also well-suited to handle the creation of emulsions and dispersions.

Mini DeBEE Homogenizer

The largest of the laboratory homogenizers, the Mini DeBEE is a cost effective electric unit that is suitable for both laboratory use as well as pilot plant production.

Pion's BEE Brand Homogenizers: Benefits and Features

All of our laboratory homogenizers offer the following benefits and features:

  • Operating pressures of up to 45,000psi/3,100bar
  • 100% guaranteed scalability of results
  • CE and cGMP compliant
  • Lifetime training for new employees and students
  • 1-year factory warranty

Please contact us today to learn more about our laboratory homogenizers, as well as other homogenizers in our product line. We look forward to working with you on your next big project.

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