Choosing the Right Laboratory Homogenizer

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David Shechter
Apr 27, 2017
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Choosing the Right Laboratory Homogenizer

Homogenization, defined as micronization, or more simply put, particle size reduction, plays an important role in a number of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, and even food. The next time you apply anti-aging cream or moisturizer, drink an ice-cold and creamy glass of milk, or take a prescription painkiller, you can thank the powers of homogenization! With the wide variety of uses, it’s no wonder that more and more industries are looking to purchase a homogenizer of their own. But before jumping into a purchase, it is important to learn more about your options. Continue reading to learn about the selection of laboratory homogenizers that we have to offer.

Nano DeBEE Laboratory Homogenizer

Our Nano DeBEE Laboratory Homogenizer is our smallest in our line of laboratory homogenizers, but even within this small piece of equipment, you can rest assured that it is capable of a lot. This cost effective bench top unit offers a reliable and consistent process for virtually any laboratory setting. With features including a state of the art reservoir for small volumes, an adjustable process pressure gauge, a heat exchanger, and even a back pressure gauge, it is easy to see why this is a popular choice for an entry level laboratory homogenizer.

Micro DeBEE Laboratory Homogenizer

Our Micro DeBEE Laboratory Homogenizer is an air-operated, compact, bench top unit that is suitable for a broad range of applications, including cell disruption, particle size reduction, work with polymers and liposomes, and the creation of nano emulsions, micro emulsions, nano dispersions, and micro dispersions. If you are looking for a piece of equipment that offers a bit more capacity and power than the Nano DeBEE Laboratory Homogenizer, this is the right choice.

Mini DeBEE Laboratory Homogenizer

Last, but certainly not least, is our Mini DeBEE Laboratory Homogenizer. This cost effective unit is suitable for both laboratory and R&D work, as well as pilot plant and industrial production. It offers the same features as the Nano and Micro DeBEE Laboratory Homogenizers with a lot more capacity and power. Other features include pressures up to 45,000 psi, 100% guaranteed scalability of results, PLC control with a digital display, and a 1-year factory warranty.

The world of laboratory homogenizers is vast, but that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated! All our our purchases come equipped with a robust 1-year warranty, as well as lifetime training for new employees and students. We would love to work with you on your next big project — contact us today for more information on these homogenizers, as well as other products in our wide line of homogenizers.

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