3 Questions to Ask Your Homogenizer Manufacturer

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David Shechter
Mar 2, 2016
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3 Questions to Ask Your Homogenizer Manufacturer3 Questions to Ask Your Homogenizer Manufacturer3 Questions to Ask Your Homogenizer Manufacturer

Homogenization is a lab technique that, while critical for synthesis a wide array of applications, is also costly in terms of equipment. Homogenizers are a huge investment for any lab, so once you have one, it is important to use it to its maximum capacity. One way to achieve this is to consult with your homogenizer manufacturer, who knows every single capability and limitation of the machine you are using. Below is a compilation of questions that every homogenizer user should ask their manufacturer, and which can translate to increased machine use and efficiency.

  • Are there accessories that will help to enhance my product’s function?

Of course a ‘naked’ homogenizer will perform its required functions just fine. But what if, by adding a few small accessories, you are able to save time, run a more efficient process, and improve process accuracy? Homogenizer accessories, when carefully selected, can do these things. For example, deflector heads can facilitate homogenization of viscous material and generator probes can prevent cross-contamination.

  • How can I access technical or customer support?

As you work to optimize processes on your equipment, it is important to know that support is helpful and customer-centered. Training and installation should help customers feel comfortable with both the equipment and processes. Many manufacturers also provide application-related support via phone as needed; some customer-centered companies even offer technical support via Skype, so that representatives can better guide the user through the troubleshooting process.

  • What differentiates my homogenizer from the other products on the market?

If anyone knows what makes your homogenizer unique from others on the market, it is the manufacturer. They designed your machine with specific functions in mind. If you call customer support (as indicated above), representatives should be knowledgeable about capabilities that your machine has, which others may not. By making this call, you may be able to tap into a resource or functionality that you would not have otherwise known about.

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