Why Size Reduction An Important Step In Pharmaceutical Formulations

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David Shechter
Feb 3, 2016
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Why Size Reduction An Important Step In Pharmaceutical Formulations

I’ve always thought of the pharmaceutical industry as an all-or-nothing kind of business. Either you hit the jackpot with a highly effective and marketable product, or you see a flop.

Successful pharmaceutical formulations require significant research and development.

Strongly correlated to the likelihood of success is the size of the particles that comprise the product itself. Keep reading to better understand the importance of particle size reduction in pharmaceutical formulations.

Eases Swallowing

Of the multiple drug delivery methods, oral delivery is the most common. Ease in swallowing is therefore an important consideration when working on an oral tablet’s formulation. By implementing a tablet coating that is comprised of smaller particles, grittiness is decreased and swallowing ability is enhanced.

Improves Bioavailability

Oral drugs that are highly soluble and permeable also confer increased bioavailability. However, the direct correlation between solubility and bioavailability is a bad omen for poorly soluble drugs. Interestingly, decreasing a product’s particle size increases its surface area, which raises the surface area to volume ratio. Particle size reduction technology is therefore an effective method of increasing bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs, without altering its chemical formulation. As an added bonus, improved bioavailability is cost-effective for the manufacturer. Since less product needs to be produced to achieve the same effect, a portion of manufacturing costs can be negated.

Increases Stability

Product stabilization is important to consider as you work on its formula. Stable products are protected against colloid aggregation and phase separation, which decreases both physical appearance and overall effectiveness. Additionally, product stability is correlated with bioavailability. By achieving both a consistent and small particle size distribution, a product will be more stable and ultimately more effective.

Pion's BEE brand High Pressure Homogenizer Advantages

As you hunt for particle size reduction equipment that will suit your pharmaceutical purposes, consider how the above-listed factors will improve the quality of your products. Although many companies manufacture homogenizers, few are of the high quality needed to achieve reliable and reproducible results. One example of equipment that does meet such expectations is the high-pressure homogenizer by Pion.

Pion's products are trusted by researchers and lab managers around the world for key benefits, such as production of nano/micro emulsions, dispersions, and suspensions; importantly, this equipment can achieve consistent particle sizes at or below 100 nm, a key benefit for researchers & corporations across a wide variety of industries.

Learn more about BEE’s particle size reduction equipment or download our FREE eBook "Advantages of BEE Homogenizers for the Pharmaceutical Industry" to read more about how BEE International's technology can benefit your pharmaceutical applications:

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