Why Scalability Matters for Particle Size Reduction Equipment

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Deb Shechter
Sep 21, 2016
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Why Scalability Matters for Particle Size Reduction Equipment

Scalability in Process Manufacturing

Process manufacturing is the branch of manufacturing associated with ingredients or raw materials, formulas, and manufacturing recipes. This kind of manufacturing is common in the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, and biotechnology industries.

Scalability is a crucial element in process manufacturing, as production processes must be proportionally adjustable to adapt to production needs. In order to successfully progress from the laboratory to large-scale production, products should be developed, from day one, with scalability in mind. R&D scientists should work together with production, forecasting, supply chain, and procurement staff in order to develop a product that can be successfully and profitably manufactured.

Scalable product development also makes for a shorter transition time between the product research and launch phases; which is key in the highly competitive spaces like the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.  

Scalability in Particle Size Reduction Equipment

All too often, problems arise when scaling up laboratory processes that require particle size reduction equipment. If, for example, your formulation was developed using a bench-top French press, it will yield very different results when manufactured on an industrial standard homogenizer. Complications also inevitably arise when scaling up high-viscosity liquids, for example, as air is often entrapped during the mixing phase, resulting in false volumes.

The laboratory process should essentially be a scaled-down version of the commercial process, which should in turn ensure the chemical and physical integrity of the product. It is therefore incredibly important to have compatible equipment in your laboratory, pilot plant, and on the production floor; so that results that are attained in the laboratory can be repeated on a larger scale.   

DeBEE High Pressure Homogenizers: Scalable Results for Commercially Viable Products

At, our high pressure homogenizers produce consistent and scalable results, often replacing other types of equipment to improve performance and to save manufacturing time and costs. All of our equipment boasts a proven linear scale-up from the laboratory, to the pilot plant, and up to production volumes. Our unique modular technology allows for tighter distribution of smaller particles, maximum particle size reduction in fewer passes, and increased manufacturing efficiency and reduced cost.

Interested in particle size reduction? Contact us today.

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