Why Homogenizers Are a Necessity for Chemical Industry Applications

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Deb Shechter
Feb 8, 2016
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Why Homogenizers Are a Necessity for Chemical Industry Applications

The chemical industry is a thriving international business Many of the products and applications that comprise these successes require homogenization.

In contrast to heat-based methods, homogenization uses pressure, which does not alter the products as heat would. Below is a compilation of major uses and applications for homogenizers in the chemical industry, and importantly, how homogenization can benefit your specific chemical process.

Creates Ideal Dispersions

Although homogenization serves numerous functions, some are more frequently used by chemical scientists than those in other industries. Dispersions are created for a variety of products, including paints, acrylics, polymers, and petroleum additives. By manufacturing an ‘ideal’ dispersion, these products see maximum particle packing, better particle coating during formulations, increased conductivity, smoother surface quality, and finer printed features.

Decreases Particle Size

Chemical products comprised of smaller particles may benefit in a number of ways. Centrally, said products can expect to have increased dissolution rates, which is a critical factor in any successful reaction. Equally as important is product stability, which can be achieved more easily when finer/smaller (vs. coarser/larger) particles are used. Homogenization reduces particle size much more efficiently than other mixing methods. Additionally, because they use pressure to break up particles instead of heat, the quality of resulting products can be optimized.

Improves Chemical Reaction Processes

As indicated above, particle size reduction has far-reaching effects. Particularly relevant to the chemical industry, reduced particle sizes can cut reaction time and temperatures, and even lower the need for enzyme catalysts. Additionally, instead of using heat, homogenizers utilize pressure for their reactions. This high pressure translates to enhanced product color intensities and extraction processes.

Pion: Makers of High Quality Chemical Processing Equipment

Are you in need of a high-pressure homogenizer for your chemical process? Pion is trusted by lab managers and researchers around the world. Their chemical process equipment customers are improving a wide range of materials by expanding their capabilities and creating more diverse reactions. For example, their particle size reduction technology creates more consistent emulsions and dispersions with a tighter distribution of smaller particles. Additionally, their modular technology offers unique processing setups such as dual feeds, dual jets, and high viscosity chemical process equipment solutions.

Our homogenizers are scalable from the laboratory up to manufacturing, which is ideal for researchers working to develop new products.

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