Why a High Pressure Homogenizer is the Ultimate Lab Tool for Emulsions

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David Shechter
Jan 18, 2016
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Why a High Pressure Homogenizer is the Ultimate Lab Tool for Emulsions

Emulsions are a class of liquid that make up products such as foods, beverages, and drug delivery carriers. Used across multiple industries, emulsions are manufactured by powerful mixing so as to join two immiscible liquids. Although multiple mixing methods exist, high pressure homogenization will derive the highest quality product. Keep reading to better understand why high pressure homogenizers are the optimal equipment for emulsion synthesis. 

Small Droplet Size For Higher Quality Products

The ability of a high pressure homogenizer to decrease droplet size is more significant than other homogenizers and non-mechanical mixers. In addition- its small droplet size promotes quality of the product, as seen with beverage emulsions. The small fat globules in milk can be suspended in solution as opposed to floating to the top. These small droplets extend its shelf life, which also reduces operating costs for the manufacturer.

Fewer Passes for Same Result

Most available homogenizers and mixers can achieve a uniform and consistent product after 3-4 passes. However, if quality results can be achieved in just 1-2 passes, one should expect to save both time and money. Because only the best high-pressure homogenizers on the market can achieve such results, it is important to conduct a thorough search before settling on a product. As an example, the high-pressure homogenizer by Pion contains a proprietary Emulsifying Cell which has reactors that induce absorption. As particles exit the Emulsifying Cell, they are further reduced over again. One pass through the BEE brand homogenizer thus has the effect of multiple passes in its resulting emulsion.

High Shear to Overcome Resistance

Given that its chemistry confers resistance to the mixing process, making finely dispersed droplets can be difficult. High pressure homogenizers are ideal for this scenario because of their high shear, which can overcome that resistance. Importantly, high shear also contributes to the emulsion’s long term stability, which lower shear mixers cannot achieve.

Pion: The BEE Brand Homogenizer Advantage

Emulsion production involves high pressure mixing, with homogenization as the most popular method for its ability to reduce particle sizes more significantly than other blending/emulsification methods. The first step in synthesizing an emulsion is purchasing equipment that will achieve small and consistent particle size distribution. One such example is the high pressure homogenizer by Pion. Our products are trusted by pharmaceutical researchers and lab managers around the world for key benefits, such as production of nano/micro emulsions, dispersions, and suspensions; importantly, this equipment can achieve consistent particle sizes at or below 100 nm, a key benefit for researchers & corporations that synthesize pharmaceutical products.

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