Which Features Does Your Homogenizer Need to Have?

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Deb Shechter
Apr 29, 2016
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Which Features Does Your Homogenizer Need to Have?

The homogenizer market is saturated with options for potential buyers. While this helps to maintain competitive pricing and high quality products, the buyer may be faced with an intimidating process, especially when it is the first time purchasing this class of equipment. However, with some guidance, the process can become more approachable and have better odds of matching you with an effective machine. Below is a compilation of features - which provide multiple options and high quality results- that your homogenizer should have.

Multi-Pass Option

Particle size reduction, one of the most common homogenizer processes, will range in efficiency depending on the machine used. The process works by passing a sample through a narrow space while mechanical forces act on it; more passes equates to a tighter particle size distribution and overall smaller particle size. When looking for homogenizer equipment, seek out those with a multi-pass option, as opposed to a single-pass option. (1)

Multiple Mechanical Forces

The intensive mixing achieved by a homogenizer is largely in thanks to its high pressure and mechanical forces; they are able to create desirable results like decreased particle size and enhanced emulsion stability. Some mixing equipment only offers a single mechanical force, while homogenizers (and a small number of other types of mixers) offer multiple forces, such as turbulence, cavitation, and shear. When searching for a homogenizer for purchase, look for the product that offers more, rather than less, mechanical forces. You’ll be happy you did so later.


The innovative products coming out of many industries begin with an idea at the lab bench. Any product that incorporates emulsions, dispersions, or suspensions will require homogenization. Once this product is successfully made in the lab, it must be scaled to manufacturing in preparation for consumer sales. A scalable homogenizer will save both time and money, in that it will be easy to replicate the same high quality product while maintaining the same conditions.

Pion: The Homogenizer Advantage

As you hunt for homogenizer equipment that will suit your lab’s purposes, consider how identification of the above-listed factors will help secure a machine that is better suited to your needs. Although many companies manufacture homogenizers, few are of the high quality needed to achieve reliable and reproducible results. One example of equipment that does meet such expectations is the high pressure homogenizer by Pion.

Pion's BEE brand products are trusted by researchers and lab managers around the world for key benefits, such as production of nano/micro emulsions, dispersions, and suspensions; importantly, this equipment can achieve consistent particle sizes at or below 100 nm, a key benefit for researchers & corporations across a wide variety of industries.

Learn more aboutPion's particle size reduction equipment and how we can help your application by contacting us today!

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