When Is It Appropriate to Use an Inline Homogenizer?

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David Shechter
Oct 20, 2016
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When Is It Appropriate to Use an Inline Homogenizer?

An inline homogenizer is one that is positioned within the production line; in the flowing stream of product. This as opposed to a batch homogenizer, which is a stand-alone unit where all the ingredients are mixed in a tank before being homogenized.

While batch homogenizers are suitable for smaller volumes (<400 gallons), inline homogenizers are good for any production volumes, but are especially ideal for continuous processing of larger volumes of emulsions and dispersions.

Inline homogenizers are an efficient and economical choice. They offer greater control over the mixing process than batch homogenizers. Every drop of product receives the same amount of mixing, leading to reduced processing times and consistent results for every batch.

Great for Food and Pharmaceutical Applications

The FDA imposes stringent regulations on the production of foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products, and inline process design is one of these production regulations. Inline homogenizers significantly reduce the chances of contamination as the product remains within a closed pipeline system. Inline homogenizers also work well with CIP systems, as they are quick to disassemble, clean and maintain.

Inline homogenizers positively affect the aesthetics of the product. Along with creating stable emulsions, they can also rapidly dissolve solid materials, and accelerate chemical reactions. Ingredients are more completely utilized, resulting in a smoother, thicker product.

Pion's BEE Brand Inline High Pressure Homogenizers

Our DeBEE High Pressure Homogenizing Systems are proven reliable in continuous inline operation due to:

  • EASY OPERATION with computerized control and monitoring
  • BEST RESULTS from constant pressure to the homogenizing cell
  • CONTINUED OPERATION with online spare intensifier pump, dual seals
  • and condition monitoring
  • LOW MAINTENANCE with slower and fewer strokes per minute
  • SIMPLE MAINTENANCE with easy access and computer scheduling
  • LOW COST SPARES with standard hydraulic power units
  • EXACT PERFORMANCE with modular tunable homogenizing cell

All of our systems produce the same results. From the laboratory, up to pilot, and through to industrial volumes, our high pressure homogenizers consistently produce the same results and have a reputation for reliability. Contact us to learn more about our high pressure homogenization products and technology.

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