What to Look for When Buying a Homogenizer

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Tal Shechter
May 9, 2016
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What to Look for When Buying a Homogenizer

Mixing equipment for laboratory and commercial use is a big business that has continued growing since the advent of the blender in the early 1900s. Intensive mixers are now a critical component of most successful laboratories. That said, mixers can come in many different shapes and sizes. Homogenizers are one of the more powerful and commonly used types, yet even under this umbrella are many model options. Here we tackle specific components/factors to look for when buying a homogenizer, so that you can land with a useful and effective machine.

Multiple Mechanical Forces

The majority of mixing equipment on the market contains a single mechanical force, such as shear or pressure. However, scientists and researchers continue to see that more forces applied to a sample equates to more intensive mixing, enhanced micronization, increased emulsion stability, and better dispersion of ingredients. Look for a machine that offers multiple mechanical forces like cavitation, turbulence, and flow.

Quality of Technical & Customer Support

It is important to know that support is helpful and customer-centered, particularly once you begin optimizing processes on your future equipment. Training and installation should help customers feel comfortable with both the equipment and processes, so as to maximize its usage; in addition, many manufacturers provide technical support via phone and/or Skype. As you browse homogenizer manufacturers, be sure to ask about their support, as their answer will give you insight into the experience you may have with them.


Whether your homogenizer will work for the beverage, pharmaceutical, biotech, or chemical industry (among many others), it should be scalable. As you develop and bring new products to manufacturing, you want to have equipment already in place that supports this already intimidating transition to larger batches. Having scalable equipment from the get-go confers increased cost savings, decreased time requirement, and an overall higher likelihood for product success. Some companies specifically make their homogenizers to be scalable, and these are the ones you should seek out.

Pion: High Pressure Homogenizers Worth Selecting

Have you decided that a pressure homogenizer will be the right choice for you? Begin your search with laboratory homogenizers with Pion. Pion's BEE brand is trusted by researchers and lab managers around the world. We deliver an array of key benefits, such as production of cell lysates, nano/micro emulsions and dispersions and lipids and suspensions. Our homogenizer processes can be controlled to better suit your product; for example, pressure can be adjusted to be gentler or harsher and the results can be scaled to manufacturing. Finally, our equipment is easy to use, produces higher yield in less time, and results are reproducible and scalable.

Pion offers a variety of laboratory, pilot-plant, and industrial scale models that can help you achieve high quality applications. Learn more about Pion and our homogenizer options by contacting us today.

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