Small Particle Sizes: 3 Key Benefits

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David Shechter
Apr 5, 2017
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Small Particle Sizes: 3 Key Benefits

If you work in the fields of biotechnology, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, drugs, or food, chances are you have a good idea of what homogenization is. If that term sounds foreign to you, you may be wondering what the big deal is about homogenization. No matter which of the two categories you fall into, this article will provide useful information to gain more knowledge and insight into this powerful process.

So, what is homogenization, exactly? The definition is quite simple: homogenization is the process of reducing the particle size of a product. Whether you are creating pain relieving pills, anti-aging moisturizing cream, or a cold glass of milk, homogenization plays a powerful role in the manufacture of the components that make up these, as well as many other finished goods. While the reduction of particle size may seem like an action with limited benefits, that is just not the case. Continue reading to learn more about the key benefits of small particle sizes.

Greater Product Stability

When manufacturers achieve a tight distribution of particles – a byproduct of successful homogenization – the benefits are endless. A tight distribution of particles allows for greater product stability, which then allows for a longer shelf life, optimized particle characteristics, uniform temperature and reactive qualities, and higher overall product quality. This, in turn, leads to increased sales and increased customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing Efficiency

Small particle sizes also allow manufacturers to build a process that is cost effective and efficient, due to the fact that fewer passes need to occur. In a world of tight budgets and a growing desire for proven ROI within corporations, any and all efficiencies within the manufacturing process are welcomed and desired.

Consistent Results

Finally, reduced particle sizes of particles that comprise finished goods allows manufacturers to achieve consistent, precisely controlled, and repeatable results. The importance of consistent results is far-reaching; consistent results allow processes to be scaled up from a smaller laboratory setting to pilot plant production and even full-scale industrial operations.

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