Industrial Homogenizer Requirements: What to Look for Before Purchase

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Deb Shechter
Dec 9, 2016
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Industrial Homogenizer Requirements: What to Look for Before Purchase

Homogenization, also known as micronization or particle size reduction, is a complex process utilized in a variety of industries, including biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and cosmetic. The process of homogenization and particle size reduction is beneficial to numerous industries, as it allows for thorough mixing and emulsification, which results in higher product quality and lower overall cost.

When looking for an industrial homogenizer, it is important to keep in mind the goals of your industry and organization. Product quality, reproducibility of results, and scalability are important things to keep in mind when selecting an industrial homogenizer. Our high pressure industrial homogenizers offer scalability, versatility, and reliability necessary for virtually every manufacturing industry.

Pion's BEE Brand Homogenizers

At Pion, we offer a number of industrial grade high pressure homogenizers that suit virtually any manufacturing need. Our DeBEE 2000 and DeBEE 3000 high pressure homogenizers are suitable for both pilot plant and production plant use, and offer the following features:

  • Capacity of up to 480 LPH
  • Multiple process intensifiers
  • Sleek, simple-to-use user interface
  • CE and cGMP compliant
  • Pharma/Bio/Food Sanitary
  • Synchronized pump system for constant pressure
  • Password protected operation
  • Menu guided maintenance and calibration

Our DeBEE 4000 high pressure homogenizer offers the same features as the DeBEE 2000 and DeBEE 3000, with the additional features listed below:

  • Industrial tower light with buzzer
  • Advanced data collection
  • Clean in place
  • Industrial computer
  • Automation supplier
  • Programmable maintenance schedule with alarms
  • Trend screens
  • In-line spare intensifier

Our BEE brand laboratory systems and high pressure homogenizers combines multiple forces that can affect the process of particle size reduction, including turbulent premixing, cavitation, impact, higher shear, and intensity. Many of our process parameters can be adjusted to suit your particular needs and improve results and reproducibility.

Pion provides a strong support team to assist with service, maintenance, and other support needs. We offer quick service support to all of our existing customers, providing support over the phone or via skype, as well as in person support at your industrial site. To learn more about our line of high pressure industrial homogenizers and how we can help you reach your production goals, please contact us today.

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