How to Select Homogenizer Equipment

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David Shechter
Mar 21, 2016
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How to Select Homogenizer Equipment

Acquiring homogenizer equipment can be a costly and intimidating endeavor. With multiple companies and models to select from, how will you know which will be right for you? If you can approach the homogenizer selection process knowing exactly how you plan to use the equipment, and a few criteria you are looking for, the process will be much less troublesome. Below are a few major homogenizer usage-related criteria that any potential user should have a clear vision for, and that will help narrow down the field of equipment options.

Type of product desired

While some users may be interested in a homogenizer for a specific product, others might be interested in a more general use. Regardless, it is important to identify 1-2 specific products that the machine will be producing. For example, food and beverage ingredients have distinct production processes from pharmaceutical drugs, chemical products, and cosmetics. Some homogenizer models are better fit for a specific industry, and if you make an appropriate selection, optimization of your process will be more efficient.

Intended procedure and/or results

Upon determining the type of product(s) that you will be manufacturing with homogenization, you will then be able to isolate the procedure or result that you are looking for. From rapid mixing to breakdown of organic substances, identification of a procedure will allow you to determine what technical capabilities you are looking for in a machine.

Technical operation(s) needed

Based on the intended procedure, you will be able to determine the technical operations to look for in a homogenizer. Does your process require temperature change? Mechanical forces? High pressure? If you are working in the drug/product development industry and may need both small-scale and manufacture-grade machines, selecting a company that offers both will probably be a priority. Regardless of which technical criteria you end up looking for, take the time to identify the technical components you need to get the most out of your machine.

Pion: The Homogenizer Advantage

As you hunt for homogenizer equipment that will suit your lab’s purposes, consider how identification of the above-listed factors will help secure a machine that is better suited to your needs. Although many companies manufacture homogenizers, few are of the high quality needed to achieve reliable and reproducible results. One example of equipment that does meet such expectations is the high pressure homogenizer.

Pion's BEE brand products are trusted by researchers and lab managers around the world for key benefits, such as production of nano/micro emulsions, dispersions, and suspensions; importantly, this equipment can achieve consistent particle sizes at or below 100 nm, a key benefit for researchers & corporations across a wide variety of industries.

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