How the DeBEE 4000 Can Benefit Manufacturing Industries

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Deb Shechter
Feb 23, 2017
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How the DeBEE 4000 Can Benefit Manufacturing Industries

More and more, common industries — cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and biotech, to name a few — are utilizing homogenization equipment to improve their processes. With benefits including improved product texture, taste, and quality, as well as reduced manufacturing costs, its no wonder that more and more industries are looking to get involved in the powerful homogenization process. However, when searching for the right homogenizer to suit your needs, the options are bountiful. We are here to help! Continue reading to learn more about just one of our powerful homogenizers — the DeBEE 4000 — and the many ways it can benefit the manufacturing industry.

Proprietary Homogenizing Technology

The DeBEE 4000 is just one of many homogenizers that we offer at Pion; however, it represents our top of the line series. It offers the highest level of automation and process controls, as well as the ability to integrate with plant controls network. In addition, the DeBEE 4000 offers state of the art homogenizing technology in the form of computerized controls as well as repeatable and scalable results.

At the core of our proprietary homogenizing technology is our patented advanced intensifier pumping systems, which allow for constant pressure with electronic synchronization, numerous available cylinder sizes to match specific pressure, flow capacity, and product characteristics requirements, and a unique Clean in Place (CIP) position, which allows flow to move through the high pressure cylinder for faster and more thorough cleaning.

Multiple Process Affecting Forces

The DeBEE 4000 also takes advantage of not just one, but many forces that affect the process. These multiple forces allow for the most advanced results in processing equipment, especially where elevated requirements must be met. Our technology combines the processes of turbulent premixing, cavitation, impact, shear, and intensity. These forces combined allow for improved results in fewer passes. It also means that the results achieved through are equipment are repeatable, reliable, and scalable — all the way up to the manufacturing level.

Other Benefits of the DeBEE 4000

The benefits of the DeBEE 4000 are virtually endless, and include the following:

  • Proprietary synchronized pumping system for a constant process
  • Hydraulically driven vertical intensifier pumps with a low stroke rate
  • Higher pressure capability and process intensity
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Redundant intensifier option
  • Dynamic visual schematics indicating system parameters and component status
  • SCADA and cGMP compliance

To learn more about our DeBEE 4000, as well as the other homogenizing equipment that Pion offers, please contact us today.

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