How Industrial Homogenizers Maximize Efficiency for Dispersions

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Deb Shechter
Apr 18, 2016
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How Industrial Homogenizers Maximize Efficiency for Dispersions

Industrial homogenizers provide large-scale mixing and particle size reduction for products that are being manufactured to consumers. Dispersions, solutions made of small solid particles mixed into a liquid phase, frequently comprise these products. As such, an industrial homogenizer is considered an ideal process for synthesis of dispersions.

Keep reading to learn about specific ways this process can maximize the efficiency of its dispersions.

Decreased Particle Size for Enhanced Function

The size of the particles comprising a dispersion have a major say in its ability to function effectively. Smaller particle size is desirable, as it allows the product to perform more effectively, efficiently, and safely. For example, the industrial homogenizer from Pion touts unmatched particle size reduction, in that it can achieve 100 nanometers or less. This capability is unique among even the highest quality homogenizers on the market, and their products should be your first visit along the search for an industrial homogenizer.

Increased Chemical Stability

Because a dispersion consists of two immiscible liquids, its synthesis process needs to be able to yield a stable product that won’t separate over time. Industrial homogenizers use high shear and other mechanical forces that allow for powerful mixing; it is so powerful, in fact, that it can create chemical stability among otherwise incompatible ingredients. Lotions, ointments, milk, and cheese spreads are just a handful of products that benefit from this characteristic.

Uniform Consistency & Size

Critical to product appearance, stability, shelf life, safety, efficacy, and digestibility is uniformity. As such, this quality can have a significant impact on the product’s overall quality and consumer appeal. Uniformity, in terms of consistency and size, can be accomplished by using an industrial homogenizer. Its ability to blend, cut, and macerate a sample makes it preferable over most other blending methods on the market. (1)

Product Recommendation: Pion's BEE Brand Industrial Homogenizer

Indicted for its ability to achieve impressive particle size reduction, the Pion industrial homogenizer sets an impressive standard for the homogenization equipment industry. Their homogenizers contain proprietary technology as well as a proprietary pumping system that allows for tighter end products and a constant system, and their homogenizer operating pressure ranges up to the highest available in few passes.

In addition, Pion has extensive experience assisting its product users as they transition through the drug development process, starting at R&D, through clinical trials, and into the critical period of manufacturing to customers.

If you're ready to see how our industrial homogenizers can benefit your dispersion application, contact us today!

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