How Homogenizers Benefit the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

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David Shechter
Feb 6, 2017
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How Homogenizers Benefit the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Process

Homogenization, the process of reducing particle size, is gaining popularity in the pharmaceutical field, where its benefits can be realized in the research and development of new medicines, drugs, and treatments. But how exactly do high pressure homogenizers benefit the pharmaceutical manufacturing process? And what advantages do BEE International homogenizers over equipment offered by competitors? Continue reading for more information on the many ways homogenization, and our homogenizing equipment, can benefit those in the pharmaceutical industry.

Effective Particle Size Reduction

BEE International offers a number of homogenizers that are well suited for use in the pharmaceutical industry, including the Micro DeBEE, Nano DeBEE, and Mini DeBEE. These homogenizers effectively use multiple mechanical forces – turbulence, cavitation, shear, and impact – to achieve the best results. These forces, used in combination, allow for effective particle size reduction in fewer passes, resulting in increased product efficiency and quality.

Effective Cell Disruption and Cell Lysis

Not only are our homogenizers highly effective at reducing particle size, they are also well suited for effective, yet gentle, rupturing of cells. Our homogenizers are capable of lysing virtually any type of cell, including yeast, bacteria, algae, fungi, E. coli, and even delicate mammalian tissue.

Repeatable, Adjustable, and Scalable Results

Pion's BEE brand line of high pressure homogenizers offer the highest quality available in today’s market. Our equipment offers a host of features, including a maximum operating pressure of up to 45,000 psi, capacities of up to 400 mL/min, and parallel, reverse, and dual feed process settings. In addition, the mechanical forces offered by our homogenizers can be adjusted and fine-tuned to meet the unique needs of the pharmaceutical industry. This allows for results that are not only high quality, but repeatable, adjustable, and scalable as well.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Your relationship with Pion does not simply end after you purchase one of our high pressure homogenizers. Our equipment carries an extensive warranty, which covers any damage to the machine (not caused by the customer) 100%. In addition, Pion provides extensive training and installation support, with additional support available over the phone as needed. We stand behind our product, and our customer’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

For more information on our homogenizing equipment and how it can increase the quality of your pharmaceutical products, please contact us today.

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