Homogenization in the Beverage Industry

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David Shechter
Mar 3, 2017
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Homogenization in the Beverage Industry

Homogenization, also known as micronization or more simply, particle size reduction, is an important process step that is executed in a number of industries: pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and biotech. But did you know that this powerful technique is also used in the beverage industry? It’s true. Manufacturers in this industry utilize the process of homogenization to ensure their end products meet standards for visual appearance, texture, and taste. But what are the steps to ensure that this happens? What things need to be kept in mind? And how can homogenization equipment help? Continue reading to find out the answers to all of those questions and more.

In order to achieve ideal results in terms of drinkability, viscosity, clarity, transparency, and shelf life, manufacturers in the beverage industry need to create stable emulsions – or mixtures – of products. While performing this task, it is important that certain liquids – oil and water, for instance – naturally do not want to mix; their tendency is to immediately separate. However, this seemingly impossible task is, in fact, achievable through three process steps: the preparation of the oil and water phases, pre-homogenization, and homogenization.

Preparing the Oil and Water Phases

In order to prepare the oil and water phases, certain key steps must be completed. In the case of the water phase, the correct amounts of preservative, citric acid, and coloring must first be added and dissolved. Preparing the oil phase involves adding and ensuring dissolution of the weight agent to the oil.


During the pre-homogenization step, the water and oil are mixed together to create the aptly named premix solution. This solution contains small droplets of oil. It is important that the premix contains the smallest possible particles of oil and water in order to ensure the highest quality emulsion is created.


Finally, the premix created during the pre-homogenization step is run through the valves of the homogenization equipment. The forces of turbulence, cavitation, pressure, and shear ensure that the oil droplets are broken down even further into the smallest particles possible.

Pion's BEE Brand: Homogenizers for the Beverage Industry

At Pion, we offer a number of homogenizers that can fit the needs of the beverage industry. We understand the unique needs and desires of this industry, and our equipment reflects that – our machines use the multiple forces that are needed – turbulence, cavitation, pressure, and shear – to create the highest quality emulsions and dispersions for your industry’s applications.

To learn more about Pion BEE brand homogenizers and how we can assist your industry with its unique needs, please contact us today.

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