High Pressure Homogenizers: How They Help with Chemical Applications

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Deb Shechter
Feb 22, 2017
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High Pressure Homogenizers: How They Help with Chemical Applications

High pressure homogenizers are gaining in popularity among a number of growing industries, including pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, food, and cosmetic. The benefits of this powerful technology are many. However, before purchasing your next high pressure homogenizers, it may be useful to understand more about how this equipment can help with chemical applications. Continue reading to learn more about how high pressure homogenizers help with chemical applications, as well as more information about the homogenizers that BEE International offers in our ever-growing suite of products.

Processing Setups to Address Unique Challenges

High pressure homogenizers are often used to reduce particle sizes of materials in order to create more stable emulsions and dispersions. Furthermore, our technology offers unique processing set-ups to address specific processing challenges. For example, our dual feed technology involves the use of a secondary downstream port, which allows for even the most abrasive and viscous of materials to be processes. Dual Jets allow for multiplication of the impact for size reduction of very hard materials. Finally, our equipment offers high viscosity chemical process equipment solutions, which allows for formulation and dispersion of final products in a single step.

Size Reduction of Challenging Materials: Benefits

High pressure homogenization equipment allows industries to scale up existing processes, perform ongoing pilot production work, and even reduce manufacturing costs through optimization. Other benefits of size reduction of challenging materials includes the ability to not only create new and unusual particle morphologies, but to preserve those particle morphologies. In addition, our one-step blending and formulation process allows for an accelerated chemical process that reduces costs while further optimizing the manufacturing process.

Ideal Dispersions and Finer Particles: Benefits

A high quality high pressure homogenizer allows for high quality emulsions and dispersions to be created. This opens the door to a number of benefits, including maximum particle packing, increase in dense cross sections of final products, better particle coating during formulations, smoother surface quality, finer printed features, and an increase in conductivity.

Products that Benefits from High Pressure Homogenizing Equipment

There are a number of products that stand to benefit from our high pressure homogenizer chemical process equipment. These products include, but are not limited to polymers, acrylic emulsions, urethane prepolymers, solvent-based emulsions, pigment and ink dispersions, carbon nanotubes, additives and resins, and adhesives and pastes.

To learn more about high pressure homogenization, as well as how our equipment can help with your processing needs, please contact us today.

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