High Pressure Homogenization for the Biotechnology Industry

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David Shechter
Feb 17, 2017
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High Pressure Homogenization for the Biotechnology Industry

Homogenization, also known as particle size reduction, has countless benefits for a number of industries, including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and fuel. However, the biotechnology industry also has a use for the powerful technology that homogenizing equipment offers.  The synthesis of biofuels, medicine, and vaccinations are just a few things that this growing field is responsible for, and high pressure homogenization allows these critical processes to take place. Continue reading to learn more about high-pressure homogenization in the biotechnology industry, as well as more information on how Pion can help your industry meet its manufacturing goals.

Applications of Homogenizers in the Biotech Industry

High pressure homogenizers allow for many processes to take place within the biotech industry, including cell disruption, particle size reduction, micro and nano emulsions and dispersions, and much more.  

In the case of cell disruption, homogenizers allow for a variety of cells – E. coli, yeast, bacteria, and even delicate animal tissues – to be ruptured in order to recover the contents of essential cells.

High pressure homogenizers can also be utilized to create cost effective medicines, modify microorganisms, synthesize new chemicals, and develop alternative biofuels.

Advantages of High Pressure Homogenization for Biotechnology

High pressure homogenizing equipment offers a number of benefits in the world of biotechnology. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Ability to gain access to intracellular contents for a variety of cells
  • User autonomy to alter pressure, process intensity, cavitation, shear, and turbulence
  • Higher protein recovery, thanks to the use of pressure (instead of heat)
  • Scalability to account for increased demand and/or sample size

High Pressure Homogenizers from Pion

Our line of high pressure homogenizing equipment is suitable for virtually every industry, and can work in just about any environment – from small scale research and development laboratories all the way up to pilot plants and industrial plants.  The results gained from our equipment are high quality and repeatable, and offer guaranteed scalability. Other benefits of our equipment include:

  • CE and cGMP compliant
  • Maximum pressure of up to 45,000 psi (3,100 bar)
  • Menu guided maintenance and calibration
  • Synchronized pump system for constant pressure
  • Pharma/Bio/Food sanitary
  • Multiple process intensifiers
  • Password protected operation
  • Capacity of up to 480 LPH
  • Complete automation, compliance, and production capacity

To learn more about our suite of high pressure homogenizers, please contact us today.

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