Emulsion Products That Can Benefit from High Pressure Homogenization

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Deb Shechter
Oct 11, 2016
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Emulsion Products That Can Benefit from High Pressure Homogenization

Emulsions are a common sample type in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries to make creams, lotions, hair conditioners, make up and many other products.

An emulsion is a mixture of two immiscible liquids like oil and water. Tiny droplets of the first liquid are dispersed throughout the second liquid. With an oil in water emulsion, the oil droplets are dispersed in the water phase and the product will have a lighter feel e.g. in moisturizing lotions or day creams.

In the case of a water in oil emulsion, the water droplets are dispersed in an oil phase and the product will have a heavier, greasier feel e.g. in night creams or sunscreens. Water and silicone emulsions are another common emulsion type in cosmetic products.  

Emulsion products are also frequently used in the pharmaceutical industry. They are used to make medicines more palatable, for injectables, and for improving the visual and textural properties of medicated creams and ointments.

High Pressure Homogenization for Improved Emulsions

BEE brand high pressure homogenizers from Pion produce a homogenous mix of smaller, more uniform particles. Our innovative technology offers unique benefits for producing nano / micro emulsions. Our homogenizers can achieve stable emulsions with droplet sizes below 100nm. Particle size is so small and uniform that emulsions can become clear. Product shelf life is extended, and efficacy is increased.

Our equipment produces unprecedented results for your emulsion products by allowing you to optimize the mixing process to better achieve your desired product characteristics. This is accomplished by varying the cavitation, shear and impact forces applied to a formulation. Our high-pressure homogenizers boast a sanitary design and features like validation procedures and documentation, data gathering, SCADA and automated CIP.

BEE High Pressure Homogenizers for Every Stage of Product Development

Our laboratory homogenizers are compact, easy to use units with small minimum sample sizes and many experimentation options with scalable results. Our pilot plant equipment gives reliable results and guaranteed scale-up, and our industrial homogenizers yield consistent results in fewer passes.

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