Colloidal Carriers 101: What Are They & How Are They Used?

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David Shechter
Nov 1, 2016
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Colloidal Carriers 101: What Are They & How Are They Used?

Colloidal drug carriers, or colloidal carriers, effectively allow for the transportation of a loaded drug to the target site within the body. They are able to modify the distribution of an associated substance, allowing controlled release and site-specific delivery of drugs. This could improve the therapeutic index of these drugs by increasing their efficacy and/or by reducing their toxicity.

The efficacy of these colloidal carriers depends on their ability to remain within the blood circulation (controlled release system) or to reach target cells (e.g. the bone marrow). The drug distribution follows that of the carrier, rather than depending on the physicochemical properties of the drug itself. Colloidal drug carriers can include liposomes, niosomes, nanospheres, multiple emulsions and ceramics.

Increasing the Bioavailability of Active Ingredients  

Bioavailability refers to the fraction of administered drug that reaches the blood circulation. It can range from 0% to 100% (i.e. in intravenous drugs).

Particle size plays an important role in bioavailability and the dissolution rate of a drug. Pion is experienced with every aspect of particle size reduction, meaning we can produce a homogenous mix of particles that are smaller, more uniform, and therefore more bioavailable. 

Our high pressure homogenizers are capable of producing nano / micro emulsions and dispersions, lipids and suspensions for injectables, vaccines, targeted drug delivery, inhalants, time release, anesthetics and antibiotics. Your emulsions will be stable, with a longer shelf life, and have increased efficacy and potential for controlled release. Our high pressure homogenizers feature sanitary design and features like validation procedures and documentation, data gathering, SCADA, automated CIP – ideal for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Our pharmaceutical process equipment produces unprecedented results by allowing the formulations expert to optimize the mixing process to better suit product characteristics. Our technology is capable of producing nanoemulsions with particle sizes on or below 100 nm. Particle size becomes so small and uniform that emulsions become clear as all droplets are smaller than 0.1 micron.

We have created our line of DeBEE high pressure homogenizers with the pharmaceutical industry in mind. Our equipment is simply the most efficient processing equipment available for particle size reduction and emulsification. Contact us today for more information.

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