Chemical Processing Equipment: How High Pressure Homogenizers Work

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Deb Shechter
Feb 9, 2017
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Chemical Processing Equipment: How High Pressure Homogenizers Work

Homogenization is defined as the reduction of particle sizes. This process can be accomplished several different ways, through mechanical, manual, or chemical means. And while high pressure homogenization is quickly gaining popularity in the fields of biotech, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food, it is in the chemical field that the use of high pressure homogenizers is quickly gaining ground over other techniques of particle size reduction.

The use of chemical processing equipment, such as high pressure homogenizers, allows manufacturers in the chemical industry to improve a wide range of materials by creating more diverse reactions. But what other benefits and features do high pressure homogenizers bring to the table? Continue reading to learn more about the unique benefits and features that Pion's BEE brand line of homogenizers bring to the ever-growing chemical industry.

Pion offers a number of high pressure homogenizers that are suitable for virtually any application in the chemical industry. Our Nano DeBEE, Micro DeBEE, and Mini DeBEE homogenizers are excellent for a laboratory or research and development setting, while the larger DeBEE 2000, DeBee 3000, and DeBEE 4000 work well in pilot plant and industrial settings. No matter which homogenizer you choose, you can rest assured that the unique processing setups offered with our technology can address any number of processing challenges.

Benefits of Pion's BEE Brand of High Pressure Homogenizers

In addition to having the ability to create consistent emulsions and dispersions, the technology utilized in our homogenizers allows for even the most challenging of processes to be readily handled. Our dual feed allows for the addition of abrasive and viscous materials, while our dual jets allow for even the hardest of materials to be reduced in size. Finally, our high viscosity chemical process equipment solutions means that final products can be formulated and dispersed in a single step.

Other benefits offered by our high pressure homogenizers include:

  • Size reduction of challenging materials
  • Preservation of existing particle morphologies
  • Densification
  • Purification
  • One-step blending and formulation
  • Increase in dense cross section of final products
  • Increase in conductivity
  • Smoother surface quality
  • Ability to process polymers, pigment and ink dispersions, carbon nanotubes, additives, resins, adhesives, and pastes

To learn more about our high quality, high pressure homogenizing equipment, as well as to receive more information on how our chemical processing equipment can help with the unique needs of your industry, please contact us today.

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