BEE International: Your Lifelong Partner for Homogenizing Applications

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David Shechter
Sep 30, 2016
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DeBEE high pressure homogenizers are used worldwide in numerous different manufacturing industries. They bring unique benefits to many applications including particle size reduction, micro/nano emulsions, dispersions and cell lysis.

BEE International knows that every product is unique, and requires specific modifications and procedures. We are also keenly aware of the stringent regulatory requirements placed on manufacturers in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnology industries; and we have designed our homogenizers in compliance with these regulations.

We are committed to lifetime customer support, which begins even before you purchase a DeBEE High Pressure Homogenizer. We offer:

  • Ongoing Education and Product Training

BEE International applications and service group provides on-site homogenizer installation, training, and commissioning for new and existing DeBEE systems. We offer pre-installation operator training, and training for any new employees further down the line.

We will also gladly provide information on the benefits of our specific technology to non-operator staff like marketing and management.

  • Application Development Support

Whether you are developing a new product or improving an existing one, let us help. We offer free, confidential sample testing at our Massachusetts facility. Send us your product, and we will process it on a DeBEE2000 High Pressure Homogenizer, and send it back along with a detailed evaluation and analysis report.

  • Technical Support

BEE International offers comprehensive technical support via telephone or email. Our helpful technical support staff are quick to respond and will help in resolving your query in record time.

  • Try before you buy

Before committing to the purchase of a high pressure homogenizer, you have the unique option of trying it out first. We will test your product on our machine in your own laboratory, or alternatively you can send us a sample for a full analysis.

BEE International high pressure homogenizing systems produce consistent and 100% scalable results. You can be sure that these results are reproducible through pilot and clinical trial settings, and up to manufacturing. We are committed to the success of your product, and will be the first to tell you if our technology or equipment is not the right fit.

We invite you to partner with us from the very beginning. Your products deserve to be produced on top-tier process equipment systems. Contact us to learn more about our high pressure homogenization products and technology.

For more information on homogenizer applications and how to choose the right cell lysis method, download our FREE eBook:


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