3 Useful Applications for Industrial Homogenizers

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Deb Shechter
Feb 17, 2016
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3 Useful Applications for Industrial Homogenizers

Homogenization is a technique required by a laundry list of products across industries. Although most of the fame and fortune rests with the laboratory homogenizer, industrial-scale homogenization is equally important. Unbeknownst to most consumers, the foods and beverages they consume and the pharmaceutical drugs they rely on for health are all processed using industrial homogenizers. Keep reading to learn about some useful applications, across multiple fields, for industrial homogenizers.

  • Food & Beverage Processing

The dairy industry has a huge need for industrial homogenizers, as homogenized milk is now the norm in modern American society. Homogenization prevents separation of the cream layer, which yields a product that is more aesthetically pleasing and has a longer shelf life. Other food and beverage products benefit from homogenization in that it uses pressure instead of heat; therefore, valuable nutrient content and flavor are preserved, while also stabilizing chemical structures. In particular, industrial homogenizers can be used for large-scale food/beverage manufacturing. Once your food/beverage product is on the market and rising in demand, take the cost-effective route and process it with an industrial-scale homogenizer.

  • Pharmaceutical Drug Development & Manufacturing

Researchers around the world continue to work on preventative and reactive treatments to known diseases/disorders. This drug development work is incredibly challenging in that only a small fraction of the products made in R&D will see the end of the road, AKA manufacturing. However, those few products that do see the light at the end of the tunnel require large-scale homogenizers to manufacture huge product numbers. Because powerful mixing and particle size reduction are key techniques among pharmaceutical products, it is important that every pharmaceutical researcher have access to an industrial-scale homogenizer. Many companies also produce scalable machines, which is particularly beneficial products that need to enter manufacturing after a successful clinical trial.

  • Sanitary Systems

The above points are specific to the food/beverage or pharmaceutical industry. Whether you are a contributor to one of these, or a different industry, you are probably required to abide by specific sanitary standards. Most industrial homogenizers will support compliance with CGMP and 3-A standards. In addition, many machines offer customization that includes specific sanitary parts to support product development across industries.

Product Recommendation: Pion Industrial Homogenizer

Indicted for its ability to achieve impressive particle size reduction, the Pion BEE brand industrial homogenizer sets an impressive standard for the homogenization equipment industry. Our homogenizers contain proprietary technology as well as a proprietary pumping system that allows for tighter end products and a constant system, plus our homogenizer operating pressure ranges up to the highest available in few passes.

In addition, Pion has extensive experience assisting its product users as they transition through the product development process, starting at R&D, through clinical trials, and into the critical period of manufacturing to customers.

Visit Pion here to learn more about their industrial homogenizers and other options to support your product’s success.

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