3 Reasons Your Lab Needs An Industrial Homogenizer

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Deb Shechter
Oct 22, 2015
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3 Reasons Your Lab Needs An Industrial Homogenizer

Imagine this: Your laboratory worked tirelessly for the last 7 years to develop a drug in research and development. Its safety and efficacy were rigorously tested in clinical trials, and you finally received the FDA greenlight for manufacturing. Now to reality. How are you going to make this happen without depleting the already dwindling budget? And how will you ensure that the product sold to consumers is just as high quality as the one your trial subjects received? Solution: A quality industrial homogenizer. If you’re not already convinced, continue reading for the reasons every manufacturing laboratory needs its own industrial homogenizer.

  1. Variety of Applications

Some laboratory equipment is only applicable for specific uses and industries. This is not the case, however, with industrial homogenizers, which can be utilized across a variety of industries; for example, laboratories in the food and beverage industry would benefit just as much as those within the pharmaceutical industry. Relevant applications include cosmetics, antibiotics, vaccinations, sanitary applications, plastic, and many more. (1)

  1. Particle Size Reduction

Many products, in particular pharmaceutical drugs, require minimum particle sizes of 100 nm or below. Products with smaller particle sizes have been shown to perform more effectively, efficiently, and safely. The industrial homogenizers from Pion touts unmatched particle size reduction, particularly among micro/nano emulsions and particles; this capability is unique among even the highest quality homogenizers on the market, and their products should be your first visit along the search for an industrial homogenizer.

  1. Uniform Consistency & Size

Critical to product appearance, stability, shelf life, safety, efficacy, and digestibility is uniformity. Particularly in terms of consistency and size, this characteristic is one of the key elements that indicates a high quality product. Uniformity can be accomplished through an industrial homogenizer via blending, cutting, and maceration. (2)

Product Recommendation: Pion's BEE brand Industrial Homogenizers

Praised for its ability to achieve impressive particle size reduction, the Pion BEE brand industrial homogenizer sets an impressive standard for the homogenization equipment industry. Our homogenizers contain proprietary technology as well as a proprietary pumping system that allows for tighter end products and a constant system, and their homogenizer operating pressure ranges up to the highest available in few passes.

In addition, Pion has extensive experience assisting its product users as they transition through the drug development process, starting at R&D, through clinical trials, and into the critical period of manufacturing to customers.

Visit us here to learn more about their industrial homogenizers and other options to support your product’s success.

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