3 Important Reasons To Use High Pressure Pasteurization

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David Shechter
Nov 18, 2015
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3 Important Reasons To Use High Pressure Pasteurization

If you could choose between two foods, both of which provide equal nutritional value, yet one will spoil tomorrow and the other will last you for months, which would you choose? An increasing proportion of people are trending towards the latter, which is available due to high pressure pasteurization (HPP). HPP is a food processing method that holds numerous consumer benefits compared with other existing processing methods, and may very well be the future of food processing. Keep reading for tips on why HPP is right for your laboratory. 

  1. Many Products Well-Suited for HPP

A variety of food products are very well-suited for HPP; best suited, however, are those with a high water content and those which will eventually be pre-packaged. Specific examples of foods that can undergo HPP include fruits and vegetables, seafood, beverages, avocado/guacamole and salsa, meats, and dips.  (1)

  1. Minimal Chemical Modifications

Raw products that are processed through thermal pasteurization undergo significant alterations to their texture, flavor, and nutritional content. Importantly, heat exposure can destroy some vitamins that comprise the high nutritional value of some fruits and vegetables. HPP, however, applies pressure instead of heat, so allows for preservation of these critical elements.

  1. Enhanced Safety & Decreased Cost

One of the key benefits of HPP is its ability to enhance food safety while also conferring fewer costs, compared with other pasteurization methods. Some of the safety benefits include elimination of foodborne pathogens & organisms, as well as elimination of some bacterial spore strains. Using HPP can also save money by reducing the need for processing chemicals, recalls, transportation, and costs associated with thermal processing. An added bonus is the money saved for the consumer when their food’s extended shelf life results in fewer incidents of food spoilage.

Pion: Multi-Purpose Homogenizers for High Pressure Pasteurization

When your laboratory decides to use high pressure pasteurization as your beverage preparation method, one of the first items on the agenda will be to acquire appropriate equipment. Pion is globally renowned among laboratory scientists and researchers for its innovative technology. Our high pressure processing and pasteurization equipment helps improve color, flavor retention, shelf life, and texture. Importantly, it supports a growing demand for organic and preservative-free products, as naturally-occurring vitamins and antioxidants remain in food.

Pion's BEE brand pilot scale high pressure processing HPP system is designed for enhanced experimentation. This means that the scientist can easily adjust hold time through a simple series of valves while maintaining maximum pressure and continuous flow.

Learn more about how BEE International can support your high pressure pasteurization process. 

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