3 Common Options for High Pressure Homogenizer Products

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David Shechter
May 19, 2017
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3 Common Options for High Pressure Homogenizer Products

Homogenization, also known as particle size reduction, is a powerful technique that is used across a number of growing industries, including pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, and engineering. This process involves forcing materials through a small orifice to disrupt, break, or otherwise reduce the size of particles within any given material. And while the process of homogenization may seem relatively simple, with it comes huge benefits: reduced costs, higher quality, increased customer satisfaction, and immense time savings. With benefits like those, its no wonder that more and more industries are looking to invest in a homogenizer of their own. However, before choosing a homogenizer for your needs, it is important to learn more about the benefits of this technique. And when it comes to products that benefit from homogenization, the answer may surprise you. Keep reading to learn more about 3 common options for high pressure homogenizer products.

Health, Beauty, and Cosmetic Creams

Lotions, anti-aging creams, and cosmetic creams can all benefit from the process of homogenization. Many creams are emulsion-based, and the right homogenizer can create these emulsions effortlessly, seamlessly, and consistently. Homogenization also allows industries to use water as both a solvent and diluent – something that is not easily achievable through other methods. With water acting as both a solvent and diluents, particles are able to dissolve rapidly and completely in just about every medium.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

In addition to creams, pharmaceutical products can also benefit from homogenization. The process of homogenization allows for the highest quality pharmaceutical drugs to be produced safely, reliably, and inexpensively. Particles that have had their sizes reduced are able to more readily and easily dissolve in solution, which allows for better and more effective drug delivery, more even dispersion of active ingredients, and higher safety and quality.


Perhaps the most surprising benefit of homogenization involves the creation of beverages. Beverages can reap huge benefits from the processes of both homogenization and pasteurization. These processes often work hand in hand, and result in beverages that are full of nutrients, safe to consume, and are visually appealing, not to mention tasty! Another benefit of homogenization is increased shelf life among these types of products.

Homogenization offers a number of huge benefits, and this article barely scratches the surface. To learn more about the many benefits of homogenization, as well as the homogenization equipment available through Pion, please contact us today.

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