3 Benefits of Efficient Particle Size Reduction

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David Shechter
Feb 24, 2017
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3 Benefits of Efficient Particle Size Reduction

Particle size reduction is a powerful technique that is used in a number of growing manufacturing industries, including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and biotech. With benefits including a longer shelf life of final product, as well as improved taste, texture, and appearance, it’s no wonder that more and more industries are looking to utilize this incredible process step. However, when choosing the right homogenizer for the job, it is important to understand some of the benefits of efficient particle size reduction. Being armed with this information is the first step in ensuring you are choosing the right equipment for your end goal. Continue reading to learn more about three benefits of efficient particle size reduction.

Higher Quality Products

In countless industries, reduced particle size has significant benefits to manufactured materials. In the chemical industry, for example, reduced particle size allows for smoother surface quality, increased conductivity, increased particle coating during formulations, higher particle packing, and overall increases in high quality product function. These benefits can be seen in a number of finished goods, including adhesives, pigments, ink dispersions, pastes, resin additives, and polymers.

Numerous Health Benefits

In addition to increased quality, efficient particle size reduction not only reflects well on food manufacturers, for instance, but can also result in a number of health benefits to the end consumer. Food that is comprised of smaller particles can result in increased growth in children and teens, as well as decreased overall food intake as a result of satiety.

Increased Bioavailability of Drugs

Finally, efficient particle size reduction can increase the bioavailability – that is, the fraction of an active drug ingredient that gets absorbed into the body – of pharmaceutical drugs. A product’s bioavailability has a direct correlation with efficacy; smaller, consistent particle sizes have increased oral bioavailability, and are thus able to achieve their desired function more effectively. Smaller particles are also more readily dissolved into a solution, thanks to their larger surface areas.

Pion's BEE Brand: High Quality Particle Size Reduction Equipment

No matter what your industry calls for, you can rest assured that Pion has the right homogenizing equipment for the job. With a number of homogenizers suitable for a variety of settings, including laboratories, research and development labs, pilot plants, and industrial manufacturing zones, we have the right homogenizers for your industry. To learn more about the suite of homogenizers Pion has to offer, please contact us today. We would love to help you on your journey to efficient particle size reduction.

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