Pion Inc acquires Two Square Science adding new capabilities to an innovative portfolio for drug development

December 11, 2022
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SFW Capital-Backed Pion’s Acquisition of Two Square Science Adds Sample Preparation and Remote Monitoring Technology to Augment Its Product Portfolio.

Billerica, MA, December 12, 2022:  Pion, Inc. (“Pion”), a leading provider of innovative analytical solutions for drug development, has acquired Two Square Science, a company specializing in sample preparation, content uniformity and remote monitoring solutions for the life science industry. The acquisition will add PrepEngine, a flexible, productive life science processing platform to the Pion portfolio for in vitro drug characterization, along with high performance monitoring equipment for the lab environment. These capabilities will help customers access richer, more relevant data to accelerate drug development and minimize reliance on in vivo studies. The transaction follows SFW Capital Partners’ strategic investment into Pion in May 2021.

“We’re delighted to be adding Two Square Science’s solutions to the Pion portfolio and our customers will benefit from the subsequent expanded product offering,” said Brian Dutko, President and CEO at Pion Inc. “The Two Square products will help our customers establish sample preparation workflows that are simultaneously faster and more efficient. Two Square’s LabEye lab monitoring technology will capture every detail of dissolution experiments and other monitored processes. The net result will be better quality data with less effort. The joy of welcoming scientists who share our enthusiasm and approach is an added but important bonus.”

Pion offers best-in-class analytical instruments that enable representative in vitro experimentation to predict in vivo outcomes. These instruments support better decision-making about which drug substances and products to advance through the development pipeline, reducing the risk and long-term investment of commercialization. The scientific expertise that underpins the Pion portfolio is exemplary, boosting the company’s ability to support customers with critical physicochemical challenges early in the development pipeline.

“Pion is an innovative leader in instrumentation that maximizes the application and relevance of in vitro sample preparation and testing with a customer-centric approach that exactly mirrors our own,” said Martin Schwalm, CEO Two Square Science. “We’re looking forward to integrating our solutions into the existing Pion portfolio to meet the requirements of both companies’ customers, across life sciences disciplines. I’d like to thank the Two Square employees and owners for helping us achieve this important milestone in our growth and I look forward to working closely with the Pion team as their newest team member.”

Two Square Science’s technology directly complements Pion’s existing portfolio for dissolution testing, physicochemical analysis, sample preparation and other in vitro measurements. PrepEngine is a simple to use, modular solution that allows users to extract materials, mix and lyse samples as required prior to analysis. It offers the ability to easily mix, match and reorder sample preparation processes to establish and automate an optimal, highly efficient solution. Labeye is a camera-based system that gathers, records and stores best-in-class images of visual data from dissolution experiments to capture detailed experimental observations. In combination these systems will support better, higher throughput measurements with existing Pion instrumentation.

About Pion

Pion Inc is the leading provider of analytical instruments that bridge the gap between in vitro experiments and in vivo outcomes. The instruments help companies confidently decide which drug substances and drug products to progress through the development pipeline while reducing risk and long-term investment. The product range investigates the dissolution, solubility, permeation, ionization and absorption properties of compounds and drug products. This provides users with richer, more relevant insights, not easily accessible before animal studies. With a 20+ year heritage, Pion serves a multi-billion dollar global market for tools and analytical instrumentation. It is headquartered in Massachusetts and has a European main office in the UK.  For more information, visit

About Two Square Science

Today, Two Square Science serves its customers worldwide and is headquartered in historic Fall River, MA USA.  We proudly design, manufacture, and sell automated test and monitoring equipment and products for the pharmaceutical, life science and biotech  industries.

Research and development is a key and continuing part of the Two Square Science story. As always, we strive to develop products and systems that positively impact our customers and their industries, by listening and then innovating and responding to their stated needs through cooperative development. For more information, visit

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