Pion Acquires BEE International Adding New Capabilities to an Innovative Portfolio of Formulation Development Technologies for Biopharmaceutical Companies

December 5, 2022
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Pion Inc. builds a broader sample preparation toolkit for formulation with the acquisition of BEE International, adding homogenization capabilities to integrated, in vitro solutions for accelerated drug development.

BEE International brings cutting-edge homogenization and patented emulsification technology to the Pion portfolio for sample property optimization. Adding this to Pion’s best-in-class lab equipment for drug characterization helps scientists efficiently establish cause-and-effect relationships for rapid progress in drug formulation and then scale from lab to manufacturing.

Pion's innovative analytical instrumentation accelerates drug development and saves customers time and money on in vivo studies. The next step was to add lab equipment for formulation manipulation such as BEE’s excellent homogenization technology. Our aim is to support streamlined workflows based on changing formulation properties and representatively assessing the effects to enable faster, more effective drug development.

BEE International will continue to operate as an independent business unit during the transition and customers can expect the same excellent level of support with which they have become accustomed from the existing, experienced BEE team. BEE may be reached at 46 Eastman Street, South Easton, MA 02375, Tel: 508.238.5558, Email or

Check out their current product page at BEE International, NanoCann Systems for cannabis website, or contact us to learn more today!

Read the official news release.

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