Imogen Knight, one of our Analytical Scientists, offers some hints and tips on using the Pion Scissor

September 3, 2019
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Current subcutaneous testing protocols can exhibit extremely poor correlation between animal models and human outcomes and have a high cost and inherent variability associated with in-vivo models. There is also site-to-site and patient-to-patient variability which can affect the bioavailability of the biopharmaceuticals. Pion Scissor provides:

A novel in vitro model for investigating the bioavailability of SC formulations under simulated physiological conditions

Possibility of different run times suitable for different release profiles

MonitorpH change upon injection

Generation of time release concentration profiles through offline analysis

My first tip is if you are having issues with the Cartridge electrode, you can try to rejuvenate it by keeping it full of the corresponding filling solution and ensuring there is no crystal build-up. You can then clean the electrode with a 5 minute soak in 0.1M HCl, followed by a 5 minute soak in 0.1M NaOH followed by at least 1 hour in the storage solution.

My second tip is when filling the cartridge with your ECM, use a clean needle to pierce a small hole in the centre of the lid of the cartridge. This will make it easier to fill the cartridge without causing damage to the cartridge membrane. The cap with re-seal so this will also not affect your overall results!


Analytical Services

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