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Applications Scientist

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The Applications Scientist will be responsible for the liaison with customers before and after a sample arrives, carrying out the required assay and discuss or present the results to the customer once the project is completed. They will also be responsible for executing experimental work plans for study-based projects. They will check reports from other scientists and take a leading role in weekly laboratory inspections.

Once familiar with Pion Instrumentation, the Applications Scientist will carry out demos and paid training to customers when required.


Essential Functions

  1. Liaise with customers to clarify testing requirements, interpret results and agree next steps.
  2. Ensure that sample information is provided and stored
  3. Design and execute all appropriate Analytical Service assays for customer samples.
  4. Prepare and check Analytical Services reports in a timely manner.
  5. Deliver internal and external training courses for end users, channel partners and internal customers.
  6. Support Sales to establish consultancy-project requirements, clarify project testing conditions, interpret results and agree next step.
  7. Support the global sales effort with customer meetings, demonstrations and conferences if required.
  8. Prepare relevant documentation to support Analytical Service operations; SOP, protocols, controlled drugs, admin documentation (e.g., CDA, MSA), Safety Data Sheets etc.
  9. Support to implement and establish documentation when necessary, to uphold the highest possible standards, similar to the GLP standards of accredited labs
  10. Assist in the organization of the waste disposal and destruction of customer samples after 3 months.
  11. Assist for the consumables orders and maintains laboratory stock levels.
  12. Assist with chemistry research projects as required.
  13. Contribute to the safe operation of Pion Analytical laboratories.
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    1. Excellent Planning and organizational skills
    2. Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
    3. Ability to manage multiple priorities and switch gears easily.
    4. Excellent written and oral communication skills.
    5. Excellent customer service skills.
    6. Excellent teamwork
    7. Strong attention to detail
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    The position is based in Forest Row and requires up to 20% international travel associated with providing customer training or attending a training course

    Job Requirements 

    • Ability to travel up to 20%.
    •  Valid driver’s license and passport.
    •  Ability to lift 25 kg.

    Education and Experience

    • Undergraduate degree in Chemistry (preferably Analytical or Pharmaceutical Chemistry) required.
    • 1 year Experimental Master’s degree is desirable.
    • 2+ year of experience working in industry is desirable.
    • Experience with HPLC will be beneficial.
    • Work experience in a Pharmaceutical Company is highly desirable.
    • Knowledge about PhysChem Properties will also be advantageous.

      This job description is only intended to summarize the duties required of the position and is not all-inclusive. The Applications Scientist may be required to perform other duties as directed.

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      Applications Scientist

      Applications Scientist: Liaison with customers, conduct assays upon sample arrival, and present results post-project completion
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