PAMPA Explorer™ Complete

Confidently screen drugs using PAMPA Explorer Complete.  Developed by the experts at Pion, the system contains everything required including protocols, software, reagents, consumables, test compounds and a high-quality plate reader.

PAMPA Explorer™ Complete gives customers access to Pion's time-tested PAMPA assay, featuring patented Double-Sink™ technology.  The system includes a license for PAMPA  Explorer™ software, detailed instructions and customer support.  A world of experience is contained in Pion's historical database of test compound permeability results from installations all over the globe under a wide range of conditions, ensuring the data from your lab is reliable.

Pion studies show that conventional shaker devices do not mix all wells equally across the plate (some are not mixed at all) resulting in very poor reproducibility.  The optional Gut-Box™, simultaneously stirs all 96 wells of each plate in a biomimetic manner and in doing so, provides an additional order of magnitude in permeability response.  Results will provide better SAR predictions. 


PAMPA Explorer™ Test System


• Molecular Devices : SpectraMax® 190 • SpectraMax® Plus384 • SpectraMax® M5 • 

• FlexStation® 3 • 

Tecan: Infinite® M200 • M1000 •

BioTek : Epoch • Synergy 2/H4/HT/Mx/H1•


If you own one of these plate readers, purchase the basic PAMPA Explorer Test System which includes protocols, reagents, consumables and test compounds to ensure the system is working properly in your lab.     The system now includes PAMPA Command Software with a three month license at no extra charge! The software controls the UV plate reader, collects raw data, processes the spectral data, calculates permeability and reports the results.  


PAMPA Explorer™ Test System includes:

  • Donor-Acceptor Plate Assemblies (10 ea)
  • Explorer Command Software at no extra cost
  • System Solution Concentrate
  • Lipid Solution, packed under N2 
  • All additional consumables, reagents
  • License to Pion's patented technology
  • Specific systems for GIT, BBB and Skin

Consider the following three systems...


GIT PAMPA Explorer™ Test System

Pion's patented Double-Sink™ model uses a pH gradient and an acceptor sink to mimic in vivo passive transport through the GIT. This method correlates well with human absorption and human jejunal permeability.



BBB PAMPA Explorer™ Test System

The high cost of conventional animal studies can be minimized by prescreening samples with the Pion BBB PAMPA Explorer Test System.  The Blood Brain Barrier measurements conducted under iso-pH conditions are highly correlated with rodent brain perfusion studies with acidic compounds (red), bases (blue), zwitterions (orange) and neutrals (green) as shown in the plot below.


 Skin PAMPA Explorer™ Test System

Researchers and product developers can now measure drug permeability with a proprietary test system that is highly predictive of the human skin barrier.  Unlike conventional skin test methods, Pion’s high throughput method is faster, less expensive and may be conducted manually or on robotic platforms. 

The Skin PAMPA Test System excels as a complimentary screen prior to Franz Cell testing due to the lower cost, enhanced usability, higher throughput and reduced sample requirements.  Pre-coated with a proprietary formulation, the 96 well plates are disposable, which completely eliminates cross contamination and the additional time and labor required for washing glass cells.  Permeability measurements with the artificial skin-mimetic membrane exhibit a high correlation as tested against human skin in Franz cells.

Skin PAMPA Webinar Recording


Video Demonstration of Skin PAMPA 

More information is available from your local distributor or representative.